Shimon Machida

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This document summarizes the work of the Accelerator Working Group (AWG) of the International Scoping Study (ISS) of a Future Neutrino Factory and Superbeam Facility. The main goal of the activity was to reach consensus on a baseline design for a Neutrino Factory complex, including proton driver parameters, choice of target, front-end design, acceleration(More)
  • R. Edgecock, D. Kelliher, +15 authors E. Wooldridge
  • 2008
EMMA – the Electron Model of Many Applications – is to be built at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory in the UK and will be the first non-scaling FFAG ever constructed. EMMA will be used to demonstrate the principle of this type of accelerator and study its features in detail. The design of the machine and its hardware components are now far advanced and(More)
  • EMMA O -SCALI, G FFAG, +23 authors C. White
  • 2015
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Social Networking Services (SNSes), such as Facebook and Twitter, provide a communication platform that easily communicates with a family, close friends, acquaintances and strangers. On the other hands, SNS users often unintentionally post a message on SNSes, including one's own sensitive information, and is revealed to other users. As a result, an SNS user(More)
With increasing post images in SNS, invasion of privacy problems associated with it has come to be frequently occurs. Therefore, we analyze the factors on the invasion of privacy and made the extraction of communities by common privacy interpret, targeted to the large tweet archive that is stored a long period of time. We propose new services that make(More)
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