Shimaa Mohamed

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This note focuses on extracting and analysing prostate texture features from trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) images for tissue characterization. One of the principal contributions of this investigation is the use of the information of the images' frequency domain features and spatial domain features to attain a more accurate diagnosis. Each image is divided(More)
This study was carried out to assess the efficacy of urinary hepatoma up-regulated protein (HURP) RNA in bladder cancer diagnosis and its relation to bilharziasis. Voided urine samples and blood were collected from 344 consecutive participants: 211 patients diagnosed with bladder cancer, 71 patients with benign urological disorders and 62 healthy(More)
Cyber defenders cannot clearly identify attackers from other legitimate users on a computer network. The network administration can protect the network using an active or a passive defense. Attackers can mount attacks like denial of service attacks or try to gain entry into secure systems. We model cyber defense as a signaling game. We find Bayesian Nash(More)
  • Mohannad Ali Alghamdi, Rakan Samir Bajoh, +14 authors Maha Hussain Alhainiah
  • 2017
The third stage of labor generally is obscured by the enthusiasm of the birth of a baby. Proof demonstrates that administration of this stage can straightforwardly impact vital maternal results, for example, blood loss, need for manual removal of the placenta, and postpartum haemorrhage. Administration of the third stage of labor has been an issue of(More)
Ionizing radiation causes serious damage in biological system. Some drugs and antioxidants are used to prevent such damage. In the present study two doses of melatonin (10 mg/kgand30mg/kg) were selected to be used for such purpose. The radioprotective effects of melatonin on hemoglobin of red blood cells from female mice was studied through UV absorption(More)
Databases hold a critical concentration of sensitive information and become available on the internet to facilitate access, and as a result, databases are vulnerable and become the target of hackers. Today the security of database system become one of the most urgent tasks in database research, so to protect database system from attacking and compromised(More)
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