Shima Salehi

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In this paper, we describe a set of user studies within the Bifocal Modeling (BM) framework. BM juxtaposes physical and computer models using sensor-based and computer modeling technologies, highlighting the discrepancies between ideal and real systems. When creating bifocal models, students build both a physical model with sensors of a given scientific(More)
BACKGROUND One of the major causes of cancer death internationally and the third most prevalent cancer in the world has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Although current routine treatments of cancer have been successful in some extent, mortality caused by adverse effects of these strategies is still raising. Medicinal plants are potential sources of(More)
This paper introduces Process Pad, an interactive, low-cost multi-touch tabletop platform designed to capture students' thought process and facilitate their explanations. The goal of Process Pad is to elicit students' think-aloud narratives that would otherwise be tacit, in other words, "learn to explain," and "explain to learn." Our focus is on identifying(More)
Snail-1 known as one of the important transcription factor is a mediator of survival and cell migration, and expression is raised in numerous cancer types. Snail-1 gene may show a role in recurrence of several cancers including bladder cancer by down-regulating E-cadherin, inducing an epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) and its related microRNAs(More)
BACKGROUND Metastasis to distant organs is a hallmark of many tumor cells. BACH1 (BTB and CNC homology 1) is a transcriptional factor which promotes the migration and invasion of breast cancer cells. BACH1 expression and its target genes are intimately associated with the metastasis possibility of clinical samples, and BACH1 reduction leads to meaningful(More)
In this study we investigated the effects of using physical manipulatives (PM) and virtual manipulatives (VM) on students' understanding of electronics. In our experiment, all participants completed two similar tasks, one with a tangible toolkit and another with a computer simulation. Both systems shared the same functionalities. Half of the participants(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer lethality is mainly caused by metastasis. Therefore, understanding the nature of the genes involved in this process has become a priority. BACH1, a basic leucine zipper transcription factor, has been shown to transcriptionally regulate expression of a range of genes that are associated with breast cancer metastasis. However, the exact role(More)
Despite using lots of progression in hypersensitivity, it is not yet a cure. Current treatment for allergy focuses on two approaches, including treats only the symptoms of allergy by utilizing drugs and the other is desensitization therapy (immunotherapy), which involves administration of specific allergens. The main obstacle to hypersensitivity permanent(More)
Studies comparing virtual and physical manipulative environments (VME and PME) in inquiry-based science learning have mostly focused on students’ learning outcomes but not on the actual processes they engage in during the learning activities. In this paper, we examined experimentation strategies in an inquiry activity and their relation to conceptual(More)
This paper introduces Process Pad, an interactive, low-cost multi-touch tabletop platform designed to capture students' thought process and facilitate their explanations. Process Pad is designed to help students improve their thinking skills and meta-cognition in various subjects. The system is intended to dynamically externalize how a student arrives at(More)