Shima Sadat Miri

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INTRODUCTION Sinus tract is one of the manifestations of chronic dental infections, which is a path for the drainage of the infection and pus. The present study was aimed to investigate the prevalence of sinus tract with dental origin analyze the correlation between sinus tract and related factors. METHODS This study was conducted on 1527 patients,(More)
AIM The presence of calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) in the root canal interferes with the apical root canal sealing and may result in periapical lesions in the long run. The present study was aimed to compare the efficacy of two rotary systems of Race and Mtwo in the removal of Ca (OH)2 aqueous-based from distobuccal canals of human maxillary molars. (More)
AIM Even after a complete root canal therapy, reinfection may occur as a result of incomplete seal and activation of residual bacteria. Thus, antimicrobial activity is an important characteristic of root canal sealers. MTA Fillapex is a newly developed MTA-based sealer. It has been subjected to various studies evaluating its physical and chemical(More)
Tooth anomalies are rare phenomena that may be reported by patients as chief complaints or may be discovered by dentists in the oral examination. In a few cases, rare anomalies are found together in one mouth. Decision to treat such anomalies depends on whether or not they interfere with function and esthetics and also the patient's preference. In the(More)
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