Shilv Chen

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A simple, rapid and sensitive method for the determination of two fluoquinolones (FQs), enoxacin (ENX) and ofloxacin (OFLX) is described by using flow injection analysis with potassium permanganate-sodium sulfite chemiluminescence detection. The calibration graphs for ENX and OFLX are linear in the range of 8.0x10(-10)-1.0x10(-5) and 1.0x10(-9)-1.0x10(-6)(More)
A novel flow injection chemiluminescence (CL) system is developed to determine DNA. According to the fact that DNA linearly quenches the CL intensity of Ce(IV)-Na(2)SO(3)-Tb(III)-fluoquinolone antibiotic (FLUQ) system, DNA concentration is determined. The calibration graphs are linear in the range of 0.04-10 microg/ml (for both natural and denatured DNA),(More)
A simple, rapid and highly sensitive fluorometric method for the determination of pazufloxacin mesilate (PZFX) is described. It is based on the formation of the complex [Tb(PZFX)2](3+), which shows the intensive characteristic bands of Tb3+. Optimum conditions for the determination were investigated. Under the optimum experimental condition, the(More)
The development of a facile strategy for conversion of graphene quantum dots (GQDs) into crystalline graphite is of great practical significance and still remains challenging. Herein, rationally assembled crystalline-intercrossed graphite nanocapsules (CI-GNCs) have been realized by a one-step electrochemically induced strategy with the assistance of a soft(More)
A novel method for determination of trace amounts of tosufloxacin (TFLX) based on electrochemiluminescence (ECL) has been developed. The calibration graphs for TFLX were linear in the range of 5.0 x 10(-11)-3.5 x 10(-7) mol/L, with the detection limit of 1.3 x 10(-11) mol/L. Key factors affecting the determination of TFLX were investigated. TFLX amounts in(More)
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