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VANETs: A Survey on Routing Protocols andIssues
This paper aims at classifying VANET routing protocols on the basis of routing information and comparing them using following parameters namely methodology used, benefits/strengths and limitations. Expand
Shunt Active Power Filter for Harmonic Mitigation by using Fuzzy Logic Controller
 Abstract— Active filters are widely used in power system for reactive power compensation and voltage / current harmonic elimination. Harmonic contents of the source current has been calculated andExpand
Position Based Seamless Connectivity for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
AbstractVehicular ad hoc networks is one of the emerging fields in todays era. Both industry and academia are focusing their interest in coping up with the upcoming challenges in this field forExpand
An Intelligent Greedy Position-Based Multi-hop Routing Algorithm for Next-Hop Node Selection in VANETs
We propose a fuzzy logic-based greedy routing algorithm (FLGR) for next-hop node selection in vehicular ad hoc network which helps in successfully delivering data on roads. Expand
Fuzzy Logic based Greedy Routing (FLGR) in Multi-Hop Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
In Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET), vehicles on the road provide mainly two types of services to drivers or passengers inside vehicles, namely, safety and comfort services. Safety messages areExpand
Seamless VANET Connectivity through Heterogeneous Wireless Network on Rural Highways
We have proposed heterogeneous wireless network architecture by integrating three wireless technologies namely, WLAN, cellular networks and WiMAX which aid in providing seamless connectivity in the network. Expand
Economic Load Dispatch Problem with Ramp Rate Limit Using BBO
This paper presents an efficient and reliable biogeography–based optimization (BBO) algorithm to solve both convex and nonconvex Economic load dispatch problem (ELD) with Ramp rate limit of thermal power plants. Expand
Enhancing Greedy Routing using Fuzzy logic for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
We have proposed a Fuzzy Logic based Greedy Routing (FLGR) protocol which is used to select the best next-hop node in multi-hop VANETs using fuzzy logic concept. Expand
Improve Frame Generacy Accuracy with USB Camera
Evaluation of the performance of the face detection /recognition algorithm in the heterogeneous INCA+ camera platform is concern with face recognition wh ich is one of the visual tasks which humansExpand