Shilpi Khare

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Chagas disease affects 8 million people worldwide and remains a main cause of death due to heart failure in Latin America. The number of cases in the United States is now estimated to be 300,000, but there are currently no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs available for patients with Chagas disease. To fill this gap, we have established a(More)
Chagas disease, leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness affect 20 million people worldwide and lead to more than 50,000 deaths annually. The diseases are caused by infection with the kinetoplastid parasites Trypanosoma cruzi, Leishmania spp. and Trypanosoma brucei spp., respectively. These parasites have similar biology and genomic sequence, suggesting that all(More)
Human African Trypanosomiasis Advait S. Nagle,† Shilpi Khare,† Arun Babu Kumar,‡ Frantisek Supek,† Andriy Buchynskyy,‡ Casey J. N. Mathison,† Naveen Kumar Chennamaneni,‡ Nagendar Pendem,‡ Frederick S. Buckner, Michael H. Gelb,‡,§ and Valentina Molteni*,† †Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, 10675 John Jay Hopkins Drive, San Diego,(More)
Unbiased phenotypic screens enable identification of small molecules that inhibit pathogen growth by unanticipated mechanisms. These small molecules can be used as starting points for drug discovery programs that target such mechanisms. A major challenge of the approach is the identification of the cellular targets. Here we report GNF7686, a small molecule(More)
A real-time RT-PCR assay was standardized and evaluated for the detection of the recent pandemic 2009 H1N1 strain that circulated around the world causing colossal loss of human life. We amplified the conserved regions of the hemagglutinin (HA) gene of 438 clinical specimens using real-time RT-PCR assay for rapid identification of pandemic influenza virus.(More)
Two CYP51 inhibitors, posaconazole and the ravuconazole prodrug E1224, were recently tested in clinical trials for efficacy in indeterminate Chagas disease. The results from these studies show that both drugs cleared parasites from the blood of infected patients at the end of the treatment but that parasitemia rebounded over the following months. In the(More)
BACKGROUND Denture repair involves joining two parts of a fractured denture with a denture repair material. Hence, a substantial repairing system for denture base fracture should be there to elude frequent fracture. MATERIALS AND METHODS Surface treatment of conventional heat cure denture base resin with different surface treatments (chemical ethyl(More)
Obesity-associated insulin resistance plays a central role in type 2 diabetes. As such, tyrosine phosphatases that dephosphorylate the insulin receptor (IR) are potential therapeutic targets. The low-molecular-weight protein tyrosine phosphatase (LMPTP) is a proposed IR phosphatase, yet its role in insulin signaling in vivo has not been defined. Here we(More)
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