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We explore the integration of projected imagery with a physical book that acts as a tangible interface to multimedia data. Using a camera and projector pair, a tracking framework is presented wherein the 3D position of planar pages are monitored as they are turned back and forth by a user, and data is correctly warped and projected onto each page at(More)
We introduce on active object tracking algorithm that maintains relative calibration between a camera projector pair for augmented-relaity applications. The approach is motivated by the growing use of digital light projectors for human computer interaction and novel display environments. These domains typically require known relative calibration between the(More)
This paper proposes an emotion recognition system which allows recognizing a person's emotional state from speech signal. The aim of proposed solution is to improve the interaction among humans and computers. The emotion recognition system must be capable of recognizing at least six basic emotions (happiness, anger, surprise, disgust, fear, sadness) and the(More)
Internet and Network applications have seen a tremendous growth in the last decade. As a result incidents of cyber attacks and compromised security are increasing. This requires more focus on strengthening and securing our communication. One way to achieve this is cryptography. Although a lot of work has been done in this area but this problem still has(More)
The stability of folded proteins is influenced by the intrinsic propensities of the amino acids to adopt particular secondary structural conformations. Although the statistically observed and experimentally measured propensities correlate well for both R-helices and-sheets, the physicochemical basis of these propensities remains a topic of discussion. 1-3 A(More)
— Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is process of detecting intrusion in database, network or any other device for providing secure data transmission. In this paper, our purpose of IDS is to detect intrusion in network to provide safe and intrusion free network by using Wireshark. Wireshark is used to analyze network data and then that data is classified(More)
The large amount of video content is being transmitted over internet and other channels. With the help of existing multimedia editing tools one can easily change the content of data which lead to lose the authenticity of the information. Thus, it becomes necessary to develop different methods by which the authenticity of the videos can be confirmed. In the(More)
Nature in itself is the best example to solve problems in an efficient and effective manner. During the past few decades, researchers are trying to create computational methods that can help human to solve complex problems. This may be achieved by transferring knowledge from natural systems to engineered systems. Nature inspired computing techniques such as(More)
We propose a method to overcome Auger recombination in nanocrystal quantum dot lasers using cavity-enhanced spontaneous emission. We derive a numerical model for a laser composed of nanocrystal quantum dots coupled to optical nanocavities with small mode-volume. Using this model, we demonstrate that spontaneous emission enhancement of the biexciton(More)