Shilpi Gupta

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INTRODUCTION Urogenital fistula is one of the most devastating complications that can result from labor or urogenital surgeries. It is still a frequent problem in the developing world. Urogenital fistulas can lead to devastating medical, social, and psychological problems; thus cause major impact on the lives of girls and women. However, these cases are(More)
BACKGROUND Renal angiomyolipomas are recognized as clonal neoplasms with clonal chromosomal aberrations and a common progenitor cell, the perivascular epithelial cell (PEC). The epithelioid variant is a recently identified entity, characterized by predominance of PEC and a unique morphologic and immunohistochemical profile. There is accumulating evidence(More)
BACKGROUND Deaths during the neonatal period account for almost two-thirds of all deaths in the first year of life and 40 percent of deaths before the age of five. Most of these deaths could be prevented through proven cost-effective interventions. Although there are some recent data from sub-Saharan Africa, but there is paucity of qualitative data from(More)
Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common soft tissue malignancy of childhood, but may occur extremely rarely in the neonatal period. There are only a few reports of rhabdomyosarcoma in neonates. Although, it may arise anywhere in the body, the head and neck, and genitourinary regions are the most frequent sites. Truncal and chest wall rhabdomyosarcoma is(More)
The large amount of video content is being transmitted over internet and other channels. With the help of existing multimedia editing tools one can easily change the content of data which lead to lose the authenticity of the information. Thus, it becomes necessary to develop different methods by which the authenticity of the videos can be confirmed. In the(More)
INTRODUCTION Mixed warm and cold autoimmune hemolytic anemia runs a chronic course with severe intermittent exacerbations. Therapeutic options for the treatment of hemolysis associated with autoimmune hemolytic anemia are limited. There have been only two reported cases of the effective use of rituximab in the treatment of patients with mixed autoimmune(More)
We report two cases of retrocaval ureter that were successfully treated by a laparoscopic transperitoneal approach. Presentation of both these cases was with flank pain. Ureteroureterostomy using an intracorporeal suture technique was performed for one, and pyelopyelostomy for the other case. Operative time was 120 min and 110 min, respectively.(More)
We explore the integration of projected imagery with a physical book that acts as a tangible interface to multimedia data. Using a camera and projector pair, a tracking framework is presented wherein the 3D position of planar pages are monitored as they are turned back and forth by a user, and data is correctly warped and projected onto each page at(More)
INTRODUCTION Jejunal diverticulosis (JD) is a rare disease of elderly people. Majority of diagnosed individuals are asymptomatic and found incidentally. The disease is clinically significant because of associated potential risk of serious complications. Due to the rarity and variable presentation of this clinical entity, diagnosis is often difficult and(More)
Acute Fulminant Necrotizing Amoebic Colitis is a rare complication of amoebiasis that is associated with high mortality. Only one to four such cases are seen per year in large hospitals of India, and only few such cases have been reported in the literature. The condition requires early diagnosis and surgical intervention. We recently cared for a patient who(More)