Shilpanjali Deshpande Sarma

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Perceived globally as an enabling technology with multiple applications and revolutionary impact, nanoscience and technology has been keenly embraced by developing countries like India for socio-economic and industrial benefits. Several advances have been made by India in this emerging technology since the turn of the century. The present paper examines the(More)
The governance of nanotechnology in the health sector in India poses certain challenges on the front of capability and innovation, risks and regulation. Devising and adhering to the voluntary standards at a stage of regulatory uncertainty, collation and provision of knowledge on impacts, occupational hazards, waste disposal etc. for further risk research(More)
Over the last decade the Indian state has strived to establish an adequate foundation for advancing nanotechnology resulting in the expansion of R&D and commercialization of nanoproducts. A greater focus on technology development has meant that India's engagement with the overdue but not less significant risk debate appears to be far behind global(More)
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