Shilpa V Mehta

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This paper presents the design and development of a low cost and user friendly interface for the control of a 6-DOF slave tele-operated anthropomorphic robotic arm. Articulation of the robotic arm is achieved about six single-axis revolute joints: one for each shoulder abduction-adduction (abd-add), shoulder flexion-extension (flx-ext), elbow flx-ext, wrist(More)
Undernutrition and inadequate stimulation both negatively influence child health and development and have a long-term impact on school attainment and income. This paper reports data from India and Pakistan looking at how families interact, play with, and feed children; their expectations of growth and development; and the perceived benefits, consequences,(More)
Assimilating green chemistry principles in nanotechnology is a developing area of nanoscience research nowadays. Thus, there is a growing demand to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable methods for the synthesis of nanoparticles that utilize nontoxic chemicals, environmentally benign solvents, and renewable materials to avoid their adverse(More)
This paper presents navigation system for an omni-directional AGV (automatic guided vehicle) with Mecanum wheels. The Mecanum wheel, one design for the wheel which can move in any direction, is a conventional wheel with a series of rollers attached to its circumference. The localization techniques for the general mobile robot use basically encoder.(More)
Electronic mail (e-mail) is a very convenient ways for communicating over the Internet. With the rapid growth in Internet usage, the convenience of sending emails with zero cost and almost no delay and has led to increasing popularity of emails. Unfortunately, the facility is increasingly used for planning notorious activities by negative elements. Hence,(More)
A disaster is a result from the combination of hazard, vulnerability and insufficient Capacity or measures to reduce the potential chances of risk. Disaster in mining occurs in different ways when poisonous gas leakage such as methane occurs, Due to fire catch-up, Due to blasts, Due to earth quack, roof collapse and flash flood. In this project we are going(More)
In this paper, a reconfigurable patch antenna is designed and analyzed as a communication antenna for applications in Cognitive Radio (CR). Partial ground planes are used in micro strip patch antennas to increase bandwidth. Ring resonators are used for stopping the unwanted set of frequencies. A rectangular radiating patch on a substrate is considered with(More)
The demand for high speed broadband wireless systems is increasing rapidly. In this context, the IEEE 802.16 standard defines the wireless broadband access technology called WiMAX, which introduces several interesting advantages including variable and high data rate, last mile wireless access, point to multipoint communication, large frequency range and QoS(More)