Shilpa T. Hajare

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Original Article Vasectomy Women Awareness Perception Rumors Vasectomy is safer, simpler, less expensive and equally as effective as female sterilization. Yet, in India the proportion of tubectomy operations to total sterilizations was 95.6 percent in 2010-11.Women's awareness and perceptions surrounding vasectomy may have a significant role in the(More)
BACKGROUND Iron is the world's most commonly used metal and can usually be found with other elements in the form of steel. In this era of machines, it is the inevitable part in production of various materials like eyeglass frames, jet aircraft, the space shuttle, automobiles, and surgical instruments. Occupational factors make an important contribution to(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke, a major public health problem in India and worldwide, is associated with many risk factors. The modification of risk factors, an important public health strategy, has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke. Hence the present study was carried out to document the risk factor profile of stroke. METHODS It was a case-control study.(More)
BACKGROUND In India, malnutrition has two ends. Under nutrition attracted the focus of health workers, as it is more prevalent. But over the past few years, childhood obesity is increasingly being observed with the changing lifestyle of families with increased purchasing power, increasing hours of inactivity due to television, video games and computers have(More)
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