Shilpa Dogra

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Background. Sedentary behavior is emerging as an important risk factor for poor health. Physical activity has proven to be important in determining overall successful aging (SA) among older adults; however, no data exists on the influence of sedentary behavior on SA. The purpose of this analysis was to determine whether there is an association between(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity (PA) levels are known to be significantly lower in ethnic minority and immigrant groups living in North America and Europe compared to the general population. While there has been an increase in the number of interventions targeting these groups, little is known about their preferred modes of PA. METHODS Using three cycles of(More)
PURPOSE To quantify the association between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and asthma in Canadian adults and to determine whether age of asthma onset is a moderator of this association. METHODS We used a sample of 74 342 participants with a mean age of 56.4 +/- 12.5 from cycle 1.1 of the Canadian Community Health Survey. Asthma age of onset was categorized(More)
Global asthma control levels are suboptimal. The influence of regular exercise on asthma control is unclear. We assessed the effects of a 12-week supervised exercise intervention followed by 12 weeks of self-administered exercise on adults with partially controlled asthma (n = 21) and matched controls (n = 15). Assessments were conducted at baseline and(More)
Sitting time has been identified as an independent predictor of health; however, little is known of the determinants of extended sitting time among older adults. The purpose of this study was to identify potential sociodemographic, physical environment, health-related and psychosocial correlates of extended sitting time among older adults living(More)
BACKGROUND Health care use in patients with asthma is affected by many factors, including sex and ethnicity. The role of physical activity (PA) and body mass index (BMI) (calculated as weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared) in this relationship is unknown. OBJECTIVE To determine the role of PA and BMI in the health care use of patients(More)
The interaction of mitoxantrone with d-(CTCGAG)2 has been studied by absorption, fluorescence and circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy. The hypochromism and quenching of fluorescence showed that about four mitoxantrone molecules may be binding externally to DNA hexamer sequence at high drug to nucleic (D/N) acid duplex ratios (28.0-1.1). At lower D/N ratios(More)
Poor self-perceived health (SPH) is associated with lower levels of physical activity (PA) and the presence of chronic disease in older adults. The purpose of this study was to determine whether SPH is associated with PA levels in older adults with existing chronic disease and whether this differs by disease. Using logistic regressions on data from the(More)
The purposes of this study were (a) to determine the measurement device and jumping protocol most appropriate for testing the leg power of elite hockey players and (b) to assess the relationship of leg power measurements to hockey playing ability as indicated by draft selection order. Comparisons were made of leg power measurements from the top 95 players(More)
Data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey (cycles 1 and 2) were analyzed to determine if higher fitness categories are associated with better health. Respondents' fitness was assessed in terms of cardiorespiratory fitness, grip strength, sit-and-reach and partial curl-ups, and also according to two composite measures (back fitness and musculoskeletal(More)