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Complex Networks: Structure and Dynamics
The major concepts and results recently achieved in the study of the structure and dynamics of complex networks are reviewed, and the relevant applications of these ideas in many different disciplines are summarized, ranging from nonlinear science to biology, from statistical mechanics to medicine and engineering. Expand
Asymmetric division coordinates collective cell migration in angiogenesis
It is revealed that heterogeneity introduced by asymmetric division generates multicellular polarity that drives coordinated collective cell migration in angiogenesis and may facilitate growth of other collectively migrating tissues during development, regeneration and cancer invasion. Expand
The temporal basis of angiogenesis
It is argued that ‘temporal adaptation’ provides a novel account of organ/disease-specific vascular morphology and reveals ‘timing’ as a new target for therapeutics. Expand
Emergence of local synchronization in neuronal networks with adaptive couplings
Local synchronization, both prolonged and transient, of oscillatory neuronal behavior in cortical networks plays a fundamental role in many aspects of perception and cognition. Here we study networksExpand