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Bladder cancer is among the most aggressive human malignant carcinoma and always showed resistance to traditional chemotherapy based on DNA damaging drugs. Unlike the existing drugs that damage nuclear acid molecules, maslinic acid (MA) displays anti-tumor function in various types of cancers by targeting specific intracellular signaling pathways and is(More)
One ecological environment monitoring system of Litopenaeus vannamei farming has been developed in order to protect and regulate the ecological environment of Litopenaeus vannamei farming, halt and reverses the situations in the ecological environment deterioration of Litopenaeus vannamei farming and the little farming success rate. The early warning(More)
Nowadays, many social tourism platforms, such as tripadvisor.com and lvping.com, provide tourists opportunities to share their experiences on tourism destinations, services and sites. The increasing number of these available opinions makes potential travelers impossible easily discovering helpful information from an immense number of lengthy travelogues.(More)
The Costas loop is the most common carrier synchronization structure in receiver using BPSK modulation. Reliable detection of carrier lock condition is important to the BPSK receiver. In this paper, an improved lock detection algorithm for Costas loop is proposed. First, the mathematical model and the hardware structure of the algorithm are proposed, and(More)
A central problem in Web services domain is how to get optimal composition of Web services in an uncertain environment. Thousands of Web services published in the internet every day, a large portion of these services may become invalid, deleted or modified. Presently, the environment of Web services changes frequently. In this uncertain service environment,(More)
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