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Alarm correlation plays an important role in improving the service and reliability in modern telecommunication networks. Most previous research of alarm correlation didn’t consider the effects of noise data in the database. This paper focuses on the method of discovering alarm correlation rules from the database containing noise data. We firstly define two(More)
In order to collaborate large numbers of heterogeneous distributed devices over multiple domains within a modern large-scale device collaboration system, a fine-grained, flexible and secure approach is required for device authentication and authorization. This paper proposed a Multiple-Policy supported Attribute-Based Access Control model and its(More)
Researchers and practitioners who use databases usually feel that it is cumbersome in knowledge discovery or application development due to the issue of missing data. Though some approaches can work with a certain rate of incomplete data, a large portion of them demands high data quality with completeness. Therefore, a great number of strategies have been(More)
Developing trusted softwares has become an important trend and a natural choice in the development of software technology and applications, and software trustworthiness modeling has become a prerequisite and necessary means. To discuss and explain the basic scientific problems in software trustworthiness and to establish theoretical foundations for software(More)
Developing trusted softwares has become an important trend and a natural choice in the development of software technology and applications. At present, the method of measurement and assessment of software trustworthiness cannot guarantee safe and reliable operations of software systems completely and effectively. Based on the dynamical system study, this(More)
The asymmetric cryptosystem plays an important role in the cryptology nowadays. It is widely used in the fields of data encryption, digital watermarking, digital signature, secure network protocol, etc. However, with the improvement of computing capability, longer and longer the key length is required to ensure the security of interaction information. To(More)
Mining frequent sequential patterns from sequence databases has been a central research topic in data mining and various efficient mining sequential patterns algorithms have been proposed and studied. Recently, in many problem domains (e.g, program execution traces), a novel sequential pattern mining research, called mining repetitive gapped sequential(More)
PKI-based security frameworks for Email systems, such as S/MIME, are all good at working for content protects but not efficient because of the high cost for public key certificate management. In others, PGP-based solutions are also popularly studied, but the problem on credential trust management is still in challenging. In this paper, the identity-based(More)