Shilong Jiang

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In order to improve trajectory tracking accuracy for a redundantly actuated parallel manipulator, a so-called augmented nonlinear PD (ANPD) controller based on the conventional dynamic controller is proposed in this paper. The ANPD controller is designed by replacing the linear PD in the augmented PD controller with a nonlinear PD algorithm. The stability(More)
In this paper, we propose a unified Control System Architecture for Multifingered Manipulation (COSAM’), COSAM’ achieves simultaneously three objectives of multifingered manipulation: (a) Motion trajectory (velocity/force) tracking of a grasped object; (b) Improving the grasp configuration in the course of object manipulation; and (c) Optimizing grasping(More)
We propose in this paper an improved geometric formulation of POE (Product Of Exponential) based kinematic calibration of serial robots, which is based on the work of [1]. We use both joint offset-free formulation and adjoint transformation errors of joint screws, and apply it to the calibration of an elbow manipulator. Our formulation explains why the(More)
Dextrous manipulation is a fundamental problem in the study of multi ngered robotic hands. Given a robotic hand and an object to be manipulated by the hand in an environment lled with obstacles, the main objectives of dextrous manipulation are to have the hand grasp the object and transfer it from a start con guration to a goal con guration without(More)
This paper investigates the synthesis of a spatial stiffness matrix using simple line springs. A new algorithm is developed, which enables the selection of constituent springs based on their positions and directions. The constraining space of the line springs is then investigated. It is shown that an isotropic stiffness matrix, in general, can be split into(More)
Cartesian sti ness is usually described by a 6 6 matrix which is vital in the study of rigid body grasping by multiple robot ngers. In this thesis, a closed form expression is derived for evaluating the grasped object sti ness based on the contact geometry and sti ness properties of individual robot ngers. The kinematics of manipulation by elastic ngers is(More)
This study aimed to present an anaerobic-multistage anaerobic/oxic (A-MAO) process to treat municipal wastewater. The average COD, NH4+-N, TN, and TP removal efficiency were 91.81%, 96.26%, 83.73% and 94.49%, respectively. Temperature plunge and C/N decrease have a certain impact on the modified process. Characteristics of microbial community, function(More)
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