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The present study aims to prepare carvedilol (CAR) nanosuspensions using the anti-solvent precipitation–ultrasonication technique to improve its dissolution rate and oral bioavailability. Alpha-tocopherol succinate (VES) was first used as a co-stabilizer to enhance the stability of the nanosuspensions. The effects of the process parameters on particle size(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a docetaxel microemulsion containing an anti-tumor synergistic ingredient (Brucea javanica oil) and to investigate the characteristics of the microemulsion. Brucea javanica oil contains oleic acid and linoleic acids that have been shown by animal and human studies to inhibit tumor formation. The microemulsion(More)
Pingyangmycin (PYM) is an effective drug to treat vascular malformations (VM), but can easily diffuse from the injection site, which will reduce its therapeutic effect and increase side effect. Our study was to evaluate PYM-loaded chitosan thermogels for sustained and localized embolization therapy. It was shown that in vitro release of PYM thermogels could(More)
The objective of this study was to propose novel surface-modified nanostructured lipid carriers with partially deacetylated water-soluble chitosan (NLC-PDSC) as an efficient ocular delivery system to improve its transcorneal penetration and precorneal retention. PDSC with a deacetylation degree of around 50% was synthesized using an improved method. NLC(More)
The objective of this study was to prepare magnetic microspheres as a targeting drug delivery system and to specifically evaluate its targeting efficiency. The magnetic microspheres were prepared by emulsion cross-linking techniques. Targeting efficiency was specifically investigated by experiments of biodistribution on rats and histological study.(More)
This study was aimed to develop an ascending release push-pull osmotic pump (APOP) system with a novel mechanism and an easy manufacture process. Theoretical analysis showed that the key to obtain the non-zero order drug release was to break the balance between the drug suspension release rate in the drug layer and the swelling rate of the core, and an(More)
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