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Deducing from a gradient matrix by non-linear least square residual localization, we formulate the errors of located nodes caused by ranging error or location error of anchors. We evaluate the error under various network topology, ranging error, location error and number of anchors, and analyze its performance. The performance shows that more anchors and(More)
—In this paper, we report a household service robot with multi-sensor and modular arms. According to the DH convention, the coordinate system of robot arm is established. The methods of solving direct and inverse kinematics are introduced. Because both acceleration and speed of the arm modular are limited, so LSPB trajectory planning method is designed for(More)
—In this paper, a household service robot with two six degree-of-freedom arms and multi-sensor is described. The coordinate system of the two arms is established according to the DH convention, and position and orientation of the hand is computed. With geometric and algebraic solution methods, we solved the inverse kinematics of the arm. Hardware of the(More)
The mobile manipulator is a multivariable and non-linear system, so the research about the kinematics decoupling of mobile manipulator is important, especially the control methods based on neural network. To solve the deficiency of neural network such as decision of structure and adjustment of parameters in hidden-unit, genetic algorithm based on RBF neural(More)
The present paper is to study the center line of the plantar pressure of normal young people, and to find the relation between center line of the plantar pressure and gait stability and balance. The paper gives the testing principle and calculating methods for geometric center of plantar pressure distribution and the center of pressure due to the techniques(More)
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