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In this paper, we present an object recognition and pose estimation framework consisting of a novel global object descriptor, so called Viewpoint oriented Color-Shape Histogram (VCSH), which combines object’s color and shape information. During the phase of object modeling and feature extraction, the whole object’s color point cloud model is built by(More)
This letter presents a novel method for visual odometry estimation from a RGB-D camera. The camera motion is estimated by aligning a source to a target RGB-D frame using an intensity-assisted iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm. The proposed method differs from the conventional ICP in following aspects. 1) To reduce the computational cost, salient point(More)
This paper presents a novel point-cloud descriptor for robust and real-time tracking of multiple objects without any object knowledge. Following with the framework of incremental model-free multiple object tracking from our previous work [5][7][6], 6 DoF pose of each object is firstly estimated with input point-cloud data which is then segmented according(More)
We propose a real-time depth edge based RGB-D SLAM system for dynamic environment. Our visual odometry method is based on frame-to-keyframe registration, where only depth edge points are used. To reduce the influence of dynamic objects, we propose a static weighting method for edge points in the keyframe. Static weight indicates the likelihood of one point(More)
In this paper, the authors demonstrate the significant benefits that High Performance Computing has provided for several large-scale applications of some modern Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) methodologies. Large complex dynamic analyses, involving large strain/deformation and inelasticity, were reasonably performed by parallel processing with(More)
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