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Microbes often construct and live within surface-associated multicellular communities known as biofilms. The precise structure, chemistry and physiology of the biofilm all vary with the nature of its resident microbes and local environment. However, an important commonality among biofilms is that their structural integrity critically depends upon an(More)
X-ray absorption edge spectroscopy has been used to study the copper of 1--2 mM cytochrome c oxidase in the resting oxidized, mixed-valence, and fully reduced states. A comparison was made of this protein with copper complexes and with natural and artificial copper proteins. Spectra were obtained with synchrotron radiation from the SPEAR storage ring using(More)
Prefabricated designed artificial reef units which can be used to build effective, relatively permanent reefs at a wide variety of sites have been developed recently in Japan and other East Asian countries, where they are used to enhance fisheries resources, promote extensive aquaculture, and aid in rehabilitating areas impacted by coastal development,(More)
Space allowance recommendations for pregnant ewes vary considerably. The aim of this experiment was to investigate the effect of space allowance and floor type on activity, lying position, displacements, and aggressive interactions in pregnant ewes. A 3 × 2 factorial experiment was conducted with space allowance (0.75, 1.50, and 2.25 m/ewe) and type of(More)
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