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We carried out a phase I/II trial of adding 2-weekly docetaxel to cisplatin plus fluorouracil (CF) therapy (2-weekly DCF regimen) in esophageal cancer patients to investigate its safety and antimetastatic activity. Patients received 2-weekly docetaxel (30 mg/m(2) [dose level (DL)1] or 40 mg/m(2) [DL2] with a 3 + 3 design in phase I, on days 1 and 15) in(More)
Phasic variations in the size, position, and geometry of the tricuspid valve annulus during the cardiac cycle were studied in five normal anethetized dogs 2-6 weeks after 8-11 lead beads had been sutured on the endocardial surface of the valve ring during cardiopulmonary bypass. Field-by-field measurements from biplane videoangiograms were used to assess(More)
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