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Bamboo is one of the important plant for pulp, paper and charcoal industries. After China, India is the second largest bamboo reserve in Asia. Around the globe, wide genetic diversity of bamboo is present which serves as the base for selection and improvement. DNA based molecular markers appears to be a striking substitute for systematic assessment of the(More)
The land cover of a certain geographical region keeps on changing with time. So it is essential to keep a track of the changes occurring there for development purposes. This research aims at calculating the land cover changes near Vellore district using LANDSAT images taken from 2003-2009. Image processing techniques are applied for getting the results like(More)
CBIR(Content Based Image Retrieval System) uses the visual information of an image to give the relevant images as the output. In this paper, we have implemented CBIR by the method of generating Feature Vector using Plane Sectorization. The plane of the image is sectorized in four different ways, namely: 4 sectors, 8 sectors, 12 sectors and 16 sectors. For(More)
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