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The Impact of Software Development Process on Software Quality: A Review
During analysis of development process, it is observed that software architecture is more important phase than other phase because it provides abstract representation of overall structure of software. Expand
The overview of various testing tools and analyzed Java programming testing tools are provided because Java programming is very important due to its mature nature to develop software. Expand
A Novel Load Balancing Algorithms in Grid Computing
The Grid is emerging as a wide-scale distributed computing infrastructure that promises to support resource sharing and coordinated problem solving in dynamic multi-institutional VirtualExpand
Sine Cosine Algorithm Based Shunt Active Power Filter For Harmonic Compensation
Design of shunt active power filter is presented for minimizing total harmonic distortion, power quality enhancement using population based sine cosine algorithm and instantaneous p-q theory is used as control active filter technique that reduces the lower order harmonics. Expand
Assessing the Theoretical Impact of Design Patterns on Software Quality
Software quality is one of the most important concerns for software developers, users, and organizations that use software and quality can only be designed in the software development process. Expand
Design and Analysis of Variable Gain Amplifier with Erbium –Doped Fiber Switching
Design and analysis of Variable gain amplifier with Erbium doped fiber range with the switches by using the WDM technology and a small noise figure (NF) and increased Variable Gain. The EDFA canExpand