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In this paper we investigate Isotropic Multiresolution Analysis(IMRA), isotropic refinable functions, and wavelets. The main results are the characterization of IMRAs in terms of the Lax-Wiener Theorem, and the characterization of isotropic refinable functions in terms of the support of their Fourier transform. As an immediate consequence of these results,(More)
We analyze localized textural consistencies in high-resolution X-ray CT scans of coronary arteries to identify the appearance of diagnostically relevant changes in tissue. For the efficient and accurate processing of CT volume data, we use fast wavelet algorithms associated with three-dimensional isotropic multiresolution wavelets that implement a(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The capability of wavelet transforms to separate signals into frequency bands is the basis for its use in image compression and storage, data management and transmission, and, recently, extraction of latent images of tissue components from noisy medical images. Analysis of temporal variations of radiofrequency backscatter of(More)
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