Shikha Arora

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Pulmonary Cryptococcus neoformans infection of C57BL/6 mice is an established model of a chronic pulmonary fungal infection accompanied by an "allergic" response (T2) to the infection, i.e., a model of an allergic bronchopulmonary mycosis. Our objective was to determine whether IFN-gamma plays a role in regulating the pulmonary T2 immune response in C.(More)
In the present study, the protein sequence of carbonic anhydrase enzyme from Cordyceps militaris (accession no. EGX89555.1) was retrieved from GenPept database and subjected to computation for various physico-chemical properties, transmembrane segment prediction, homology modeling, domain identification and structural alignment. Five potential transmembrane(More)
In this communication, 30 full length protein sequences of xanthine dehydrogenase enzyme from different species of fungi, bacteria and animals were retrieved from GenPept database and subjected to computational analysis including multiple sequence alignment (MSA), phylogenetic analysis, motif identification, domain identification and discovering individual(More)
In the present study we performed the comparative modeling, structural annotation, domain identification and the structural comparison of β-galactosidase enzyme from Aspergillus niger. Five domains were identified in the modeled structure at different residue regions. Two catalytic residues Glu200 and Glu298 were identified in the first domain of the(More)
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