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Effects of Controlled Irrigation and Drainage on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentrations in Paddy Water
Controlled irrigation and drainage (CID) has received attention for improving water quality. Under CID condition, water stress is frequently experienced in two contexts: first drought and then
Impact of Alternate Drought and FloodingStress on Water Use, and Nitrogen and PhosphorusLosses in a Paddy Field
Alternate drought and fl ooding stress has become more prevalent during paddy growth stages as a result of climate change, especially in southern China. This study aims to assess the effect of
Spatial-temporal dynamics of soil chloride distribution in a coastal saline plain: implication for ocean and climate influences
PurposeRestoration of saline soil in coastal areas requires detailed understanding of spatial and temporal soil salt distribution and how the distribution is affected by different environmental
Improving Water Productivity and ReducingNutrient Losses by Controlled Irrigationand Drainage in Paddy Fields
Controlled irrigation and drainage (CID) has received considerable attention as a reliable management practice for improving water quality and water productivity in rice production. This study aimed