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The TALE homeodomain transcription factor KNOTTED ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA7 (KNAT7) is part of a regulatory network governing the commitment to secondary cell wall biosynthesis of Arabidopsis thaliana, where it contributes to negative regulation of this process. Here, we report that BLH6, a BELL1-LIKE HOMEODOMAIN protein, specifically interacts with KNAT7, and(More)
The diamondback moth Genome Database (DBM-DB) is a central online repository for storing and integrating genomic data of diamondback moth (DBM), Plutella xylostella (L.). It provides comprehensive search tools and downloadable datasets for scientists to study comparative genomics, biological interpretation and gene annotation of this insect pest. DBM-DB(More)
Understanding how inbreeding affects fitness is biologically important for conservation and pest management. Despite being a worldwide pest of many economically important cruciferous crops, the influence of inbreeding on diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.), populations is currently unknown. Using age-stage-specific life tables, we quantified the(More)
The thermal performance of three novel solar air collectors with perforating corrugated plate, slit-perforated plate, and corrugated packing were experimentally studied in this paper. Experiments were conducted in Tianjin to study the thermal and dynamic performance of the collectors in cold and severe cold regions. A chamber with a PID (Proportion(More)
With the rapid growth of the infrastructure constructions in China, more and more metro lines have been built in recent years. The piston wind have a significant influence on the air temperature and the flow field of subway stations and tunnels. The bypass wind tunnel located on both side of the platform, which have great effect of shunt piston wind. This(More)
As there are some flaws in classic compositional rules of inference (CRI), analogical reasoning based on similarity degree (ARSM) was proposed. Most of ARSM models do not distinguish the difference between impreciseness derived by fuzziness of fuzzy concepts and uncertainty of observations and rules, which has adverse impact on the inference accuracy. On(More)
Movement of individuals through events, such as storms or crop transportation, may affect survival and distribution of insect pests, as well as population genetic structure at a regional scale. Understanding what factors contribute to gene flow in pest populations remains very important for sustainable pest management. The diamondback moth (Plutella(More)
This paper deals with the establishment of a grey-box model of plate heat exchangers. First, a second-order state space model of plate heat exchangers is developed. Then, the model is solved by the white-box method and grey-box method, respectively. In the white-box method, the linearization of the state space model is carried out by implicit difference(More)
Fourteen polymorphic microsatellite loci were isolated in this transcriptome-based data analysis for Cotesia plutellae, which is an important larval parasitoid of the worldwide pest Plutella xylostella. A subsequent test was performed for a wild C. plutellae population (N = 32) from Fuzhou, Fujian, southeastern China, to verify the effectiveness of the 14(More)
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