Shijue Zheng

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Task scheduling is a NP-hard problem and is an integral part of parallel and distributed computing. This paper combined with the advantages of genetic algorithm and simulated annealing, brings forward a parallel genetic simulated annealing algorithm and applied to solve task scheduling in grid computing. It first generates a new group of individuals through(More)
There is a growing concern about how to extend the lifetime of the wireless sensor networks. Higher power cluster heads are used to prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor networks. Cluster heads from a network among themselves to transmit data to the base station. In this paper, we assume that the lifetime of a network is determined mainly by the lifetime(More)
According to the existing project of visual cloud computing mobile learning platform and considering the performance bottlenecks of NameNode in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), e add a metadata server (MDS) to share part of the metadata access pressure when the load of NameNode is too large, to optimize the performance of the overall system. This(More)
One important critical issue in wireless sensor networks is how to gather sensed information in an energy efficient way since the energy is a scarce resource in a sensor node. Clustering technique has been proven to be an effective approach for data-gathering in wireless sensor networks. However, these data are characteristic of being heavily noisy,(More)
With the development of network technology, distance-education research is increasingly valued. Background knowledge and learning objectives of various groups of students on the network are very different. Adaptive education system, which uses different teaching programs for different students, can enhance the efficiency of learning process. In an adaptive(More)
Because of the particularities of wireless sensor networks, the design of MAC protocol in wireless sensor networks should be paid main attention to minimize the energy consumption. Many schemes, which have significant contributions in power saving, can be found. However, these schemes concentrate on reducing the end-to-end delay, or on the energy saving.(More)
So far, the K-means algorithm is the most widely used method for discovering clusters in data, and it has been used extensively in the commercial field, such as customer analysis. However, the efficiency of the algorithm needs to be improved when faced with large amounts of data. The improved algorithm avoids unnecessary calculations by using the triangle(More)
With the rapid development of Internet and Mobile technologies, Web-based Mobile-Learning System has created new ways for educators to communicate with learners. Association rule mining is one of the most important fields in data mining and knowledge discovery in databases. Rules explosion is a serious problem which causes great concerned, as conventional(More)
The existing globus grid environment emphasizes resources searching and marking-up, and is not so perfect in task submission and ways of scheduling, in which the way of task submission is manual; task scheduling depends on round robin method. To research into the task scheduling in grid computing, this paper puts forward a model dealing with task(More)
In this paper, we use Genetic Algorithm to do the embedded system hardware-software co-design. The result indicates that the Genetic Algorithm can solve the problem of embedded system hardware-software co-design. An important task of embedded system design is to find an effective way of hardware-software implement. Since Genetic Algorithm is a very(More)