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In order to improve the handling and stability of four-wheel-steering (4 WS) vehicle, a new 4 WS intelligent control system with genetic algorithm (GA) fuzzy neural network (FNN) was put forward. According to the tire cubic formula, a vehicle nonlinear dynamics model was built. Then a vehicle model based on back-propagation (BP) network was identified from(More)
In order to improve automobile transfer efficiency, we design a fuzzy control strategy based on genetic algorithm. Acceleration is taken as a control parameter of automatic transmission upshifting or downshifting, namely that only when acceleration is positive, automobile can be upshifted, only when acceleration is negative or zero, automobile can be(More)
The control of off-line fuzzy neural network can realize the shift of multi-parameter automatic transmission in construction vehicles. The method is based on fuzzy look-up table database. The gear shifting dynamically acts according to the shift database. The database was established by training the fuzzy neural network and was save in advance. The shift(More)
Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) was adopted to investigate the cortical neural correlates of visual fatigue during binocular depth perception for different disparities (from 0.1° to 1.5°). By using a slow event-related paradigm, the oxyhaemoglobin (HbO) responses to fused binocular stimuli presented by the random-dot stereogram (RDS) were(More)
This paper proposes a new nonlinear time-varying transverse-torsional coupled model for a compound planetary gear sets. In this model, the motion dimensionless differential equations of the gear system are established based on Lagrange equation and the equations are solved, from which the result of the nonlinear dynamic response is obtained. The influences(More)
With the market competition increasing, in order to shorten product development cycle and reduce the development costs, product design is changed from the traditional serial-type process to the parallel, collaborative development process. Food product collaborative design of Feature modeling refers to the number of the design team through the division of(More)
Hierarchical constraints and constraint satisfaction were analyzed in order to solve the problem of conflict detection in collaborative design. The constraints were divided into two sets: one set consisted of known constraints and the other of unknown constraints. The constraints of the two sets were detected with corresponding methods. The set of the known(More)
The excessive vibration of motor support in container crane's machine room affects lifespan of the structure and driving comfort of the operators. According to the result of the vibration site test, the main causes of the machine room vibration in container crane were found out. In order to reduce the vibration response, based on simplifying the system as a(More)