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Robustness is one of the most important topics for automatic speech recognition (ASR) in practical applications. Mon-aural speech separation based on computational auditory scene analysis (CASA) offers a solution to this problem. In this paper, a novel system is presented to separate the monaural speech of two talkers. Gaussian mixture models (GMMs) and(More)
(2009) Empirical analysis of support vector machine ensemble classifiers. Abstract Ensemble classification – combining the results of a set of base learners – has received much attention in the machine learning community and has demonstrated promising capabilities in improving classification accuracy. Compared with neural network or decision tree ensembles,(More)
This paper presents an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) and discrete PSO (DPSO) with an enhancement operation by using a self-adaptive evolution strategies (ES). This improved PSO/DPSO is proposed for joint optimization of three-layer feedforward artificial neural network (ANN) structure and parameters (weights and bias), which is named ESPNet.(More)
Most existing approaches for zero pronoun resolution are supervised approaches, where annotated data are released by shared task organizers. Therefore, the lack of annotated data becomes a major obstacle in zero pronoun resolution task. The existing approaches mainly face the challenge of costing manpower on labeling the extended data for better training(More)
Keywords: Flexible job-shop scheduling problem Availability constraints Filtered beam search Preventive maintenance a b s t r a c t Most production scheduling problems, including the standard flexible job-shop scheduling problem (FJSP), assume that machines are continuously available. However, in most realistic situations, machines may become unavailable(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, Posterior Short Segment Pedicle Screw Fixation is a popular procedure for treating unstable thoracolumbar/lumbar burst fracture. But progressive kyphosis and a high rate of hardware failure because of lack of the anterior column support remains a concern. The efficacy of different methods remains debatable and each technique has its(More)