Shijie Jia

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—Highly efficient distribution and management of media resources and fast content discovery are key determinants for mobile peer-to-peer video-on-demand solutions, especially in wireless mobile networks. Virtual communities making use of users' common characteristics such as interest and interaction to describe the boundary of sharing content and objects(More)
Securely removing data from modern computing systems is challenging, as past existence of the deleted data may leave artifacts in the layout at all layers of a computing system, which can be utilized by the adversary to infer information about the deleted data. Conventional overwriting-based and encryption-based solutions are not sufficient, as they cannot(More)
—Leveraging the development of mobile communication technologies and increased capabilities of mobile devices, mobile multimedia services have set new trends. In order to support high-quality Video-on-Demand (VoD) in mobile wireless networks, using virtual communities-based approaches to balance the efficiency of content sharing and maintenance cost of the(More)