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This paper describes an easy-to-implement three-dimensional (3-D) real-time shape measurement technique using our newly developed high-speed 3-D vision system. It employs only four projection fringes to realize full-field phase unwrapping in the presence of discontinuous or isolated objects. With our self-designed pattern generation hardware and a modified(More)
This paper presents a general solution for realizing high dynamic range three-dimensional (3-D) shape measurement based on fringe projection. Three concrete techniques are involved in the solution for measuring object with large range of reflectivity (LRR) or one with shiny specular surface. For the first technique, the measured surface reflectivities are(More)
The use of smokeless tobacco (ST) is growing rapidly and globally. The consumption of ST is associated with an increased risk for developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and myocardial infarction, and has led to many public health problems. It is very important to access the toxicity of ST. This experiment presents data from(More)
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