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A rough set genetic algorithm (RSGA) is mainly studied to optimize the robot path planning speed and enhance the precision. At first, under the grid model and by the feasibility of the grid, the initial decision-making table of the robot is obtained, which can be simplified by the rough set theory to extract the minimal decision-making rules. We use these(More)
In order to solve the problem about the recognition accuracy, Tchebichef moment invariants and support vector machine (SVM) are adopted to recognize the vehicle-logo. It extracts six invariant moments of the object as feature vectors, and then uses the support vector machines (SVM) to recognize vehicle-logo. Tchebichef moment invariants perform(More)
To solve the seam tracking problem of the welding mobile robot, a new controller based on the dynamics model of the mobile welding robot is designed. Self-turning fuzzy controller is designed to complete coordinately controlling of cross-slider and wheels, and exactly welding seam tracking was realized by use of the controller. To make the tracking more(More)
A control strategy that combines input shaping with PD feedback control is presented in this paper. Input shaping was used to cancel the swing of the bucket, and feedback was used to detect and eliminate the position error of the trolley. Simulation of the bucket dynamics was carried on to evaluate the performance of the controller.
A carboxymethylated polysaccharide (CMSERP) was prepared from the residue of Sarcandra glabra (Thunb.) Nakai. CMSERP was mainly composed of galacturonic acid (GalA), glucose (Glc), galactose (Gal), glucuronic acid (GlcA), arabinose (Ara), rhamnose (Rha), xylose (Xyl), ribose (Rib), and fucose (Fuc) at the ratio of(More)
A new recognizing obstacle method based on the visual information with the different voice was proposed in this paper, which overcame the flaw of the former ETA system to be unable to distinguish the outside obstacle concrete information. This method extraction goal object's color and the shape characteristic, with the established database retrieval math,(More)
Crane system is under-actuated nonlinear and coupling, and the rope length is variable in 3D movements. In view of these, a control method which can realize accurate localization and reduce swing is proposed. This method is based on partial nonlinear decoupled and fuzzy control. Simulation results show that this controller can make the maximum swing angle(More)
With the rapid development of economic globalization, the method of material identification in customs is behind the times. The higher identification efficiency is required by the increase of imports. In this paper, a new hyperspectral imaging intelligent material identifying system based on instantly scanning technique is proposed. The system is(More)