Shijiang Yu

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Dialeurodes citri is a major pest in citrus producing areas, and large-scale outbreaks have occurred increasingly often in recent years. Lecanicillium attenuatum is an important entomopathogenic fungus that can parasitize and kill D. citri. We separated the fungus from corpses of D. citri larvae. However, the sound immune defense system of pests makes(More)
A novel Buried Layer Rectifier (BLR) is proposed and demonstrated, which features P-layers buried under the N-channel to create a barrier for majority carriers whose height can be modulated by the anode voltage. The forward conduction voltage (V<sub>F</sub>) is considerably reduced due to the ultra-low barrier. The buried P-layers also significantly enhance(More)
OBJECTIVE To survey the polluted level of total N-nitroso compounds (TNOC) in sausage on the market by the method established for the determination of TNOC in the sausage. METHODS The method of chemical fission-thermal energy analyzer was based on the previous method for the determination of TNOC in biological fluids which could distinguish between(More)
Several fenpropathrin-resistant predatory mites have been reported. However, the molecular mechanism of the resistance remains unknown. In the present study, the Neoseiulus barkeri (N. barkeri) transcriptome was generated using the Illumina sequencing platform, 34,211 unigenes were obtained, and 15,987 were manually annotated. After manual annotation,(More)
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