Shihyon Park

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This paper evaluates QoS techniques for transmission of real-time video that use a DiffServ mechanism that includes an efficient bandwidth agent to allocate bandwidth on heterogeneous networks, a Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB) queuing scheme at the output interface of Linux-based routers, and a policing mechanism at the incoming interface of the edge(More)
There is growing popularity of real-time Internet traffic such as audio and video streams. Such traffic benefits from receiving a different level of service from the network than more traditional data traffic. Schemes for providing differing network service for different applications have been proposed under the name QoS (Quality of Service). We investigate(More)
Video-based communications are becoming more important within domains, such as health care, that have stringent security and privacy requirements for data. VPN-based encryption is a now common part of organizational security architectures. It is expected that the time required to perform encryption at a VPN concentrator and decryption at the client side(More)
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