Shihua Wen

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BACKGROUND A semiparametric density ratio method which borrows strength from two or more samples can be applied to moving window of variable size in cluster detection. The method requires neither the prior knowledge of the underlying distribution nor the number of cases before scanning. In this paper, the semiparametric cluster detection procedure is(More)
1 In linear regression there are examples where some of the coefficients are known but are estimated anyway for various reasons not least of which is failure to recognize any problem. Over-fitting is a special case. We show that this practice may lead to inefficient estimates. A simulation study confirms closely the theory.
An important goal of research on the cognitive neuroscience of decision-making is to produce a comprehensive model of behavior that flows from perception to action with all of the intermediate steps defined. To understand the mechanisms of perceptual decision-making for an auditory discrimination experiment, we connected a large-scale, neurobiologically(More)
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