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The chenopodiaceae Suaeda salsa L. is a leaf succulent euhalophyte. Shoots of the S. salsa are larger and more succulent when grown in highly saline environments. This increased growth and water uptake has been correlated with a large and specific cellular accumulation of sodium. S. salsa does not have salt glands or salt bladders on its leaves. Thus, this(More)
In this work, the authors consider the fourth order nonlinear ordinary differential equation u(4)(t) = f (t, u(t)), 0 < t < 1, with the four-point boundary conditions u(0) = u(1) = 0, au′′(ξ1)− bu′′′(ξ1) = 0, cu′′(ξ2)+ du′′′(ξ2) = 0, where 0 ≤ ξ1 < ξ2 ≤ 1. By means of the upper and lower solution method and fixed point theorems, some results on the(More)
In this Letter, an approach of adaptive synchronization and parameters identification of uncertain Rössler hyperchaotic system is proposed. The suggested tool proves to be globally and asymptotically stable by means of Lyapunov method. With this new and effective method, parameters identification and synchronization of Rössler hyperchaotic with all the(More)
Multi-agent systems (MAS) have received an increasing attention over the past few years. Here an MAS is a system consisted of multiple interacting intelligent agents. This paper further investigates the consensus of MAS with an active leader and asymmetric adjacency matrix. In particular, the state of the active leader is changing and unmeasured. Under some(More)
Exact explicit rogue-wave solutions of intricate structures are presented for the long-wave-short-wave resonance equation. These vector parametric solutions feature coupled dark- and bright-field counterparts of the Peregrine soliton. Numerical simulations show the robustness of dark and bright rogue waves in spite of the onset of modulational instability.(More)
Through a novel design of the dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma plume used in fabric-fiber surface modification, its discharge byproducts mainly including downstream gases and ultraviolet light were used to treat the dye solution. The different influence of oxygen and air DBD plasmas on the degradation of methyl violet 5BN (MV-5BN), which is widely(More)