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Alpine and tundra grasslands constitute 7% world terrestrial land but 13% of the total global soil carbon (C) and 10% of the global soil nitrogen (N). Under the current climate change scenario of global warming, these grasslands will contribute significantly to the changing global C and N cycles. It is important to understand the controlling factors on soil(More)
—Artificial neural network (ANN) has outstanding characteristics in machine learning, fault, tolerant, parallel reasoning and processing nonlinear problem abilities. But BP training algorithm is based on the error gradient descent mechanism that the weight inevitably fall into the local minimum points. In this paper, a hybrid genetic algorithms(HGA) was(More)
This communication describes an innovative photocurable leaky dielectric for electrohydrodynamic patterning (EHDP). Based on the well-designed molecular structure, the material in its liquid state exhibits low viscosity, high homogeneity, and more importantly a leaky dielectric characteristic; meanwhile, UV light irradiation transforms it from a liquid(More)
AKT is often hyper-activated in human colorectal cancers (CRC). This current study evaluated the potential anti-CRC activity by AT7867, a novel AKT and p70S6K1 (S6K1) dual inhibitor. We showed that AT7867 inhibited survival and proliferation of established (HT-29, HCT116 and DLD-1 lines) and primary human CRC cells. Meanwhile, it provoked caspase-dependent(More)
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