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A one-way-coupled chaotic map lattice is proposed for cryptography of self-synchronizing stream cipher. The system performs basic floating-point analytical computation on real numbers, incorporating auxiliarily with few simple algebraic operations on integer numbers. Parallel encryption (decryption) operations of multiple chaotic sites are conducted. It is(More)
This paper describes a procedure for quantitative proteomics that selects peptides containing both cysteine and histidine residues from tryptic digests of cell lysates. Cysteine-containing peptides were selected first by covalent chromatography using thiol disulfide exchange. Following the release of cysteine-containing peptides from the covalent(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Adaptor protein, phosphotyrosine interaction, pleckstrin homology domain and leucine zipper containing 1 (APPL1) is an adapter protein that positively mediates adiponectin signalling. Deficiency of APPL1 in the target tissues of insulin induces insulin resistance. We therefore aimed, in the present study, to determine its role in regulating(More)
One-way coupled map lattices are used for cryptography in secure communication, based on spatiotemporal chaos synchronization. The sensitivity of synchronization between the encryption and decryption systems can be adjusted by varying the system size. With a suitable parameter combination, the cryptosystem can reach optimal trade-off of security and(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES A large number of patients with coronary artery disease experience angina that is not suitable for revascularization and is refractory to conventional medical therapy. Laboratory and preclinical studies have provided evidence for the safety and potential efficacy of autologous CD34+ stem cell therapies as treatment for angina. Clinical(More)
Fundamental problems of periodicity and transient process to periodicity of chaotic tra-jectories in computer realization with finite computation precision is investigated by taking single and coupled Logistic maps as examples. Empirical power law relations of the period and transient iterations with the computation precisions and the sizes of coupled(More)
A fundamental periodicity problem of chaotic trajectories in computer realization with finite computation precision is investigated systematically by taking single and coupled Logistic maps as examples. Low-dimensional chaotic trajectories have rather short periods even with double precision computation , while the period increases rapidly when the number(More)
Very recently, a first-order phase transition, named explosive synchronization (ES), has attracted great attention due to its remarkable novelty in theory and significant impact in applications. However, so far, all observations of ES have been associated with various correlation constraints on system parameters, which restrict its generality and(More)
Spatiotemporal chaos of a two-dimensional one-way coupled map lattice is used for chaotic cryptography. The chaotic outputs of many space units are used for encryption simultaneously. This system shows satisfactory cryptographic properties of high security; fast encryption (decryption) speed; and robustness against noise disturbances in communication(More)