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Global finite-time stabilisation by output feedback for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems
This article considers the problem of global finite-time stabilisation by output feedback for a class of nonlinear systems comprised of a chain of power integrators perturbed by an uncertain vector field and builds a homogeneous observer and controller in a recursive way for the nominal system without the perturbing nonlinearities. Expand
Global stabilization of a class of upper-triangular systems with unbounded or uncontrollable linearizations
In this paper, we consider the problem of global stabilization for a class of upper-triangular systems which have unbounded or uncontrollable linearizations around the origin. The explicit formula ofExpand
Sliding Mode Direct Yaw-Moment Control Design for In-Wheel Electric Vehicles
In this paper, the direct yaw-moment control strategies are proposed for in-wheel electric vehicles by using sliding mode (SM) and nonlinear disturbance observer (NDOB) techniques and the proposed SOSM controller is shown to be more effective. Expand
Nonsmooth stabilization of a class of nonlinear cascaded systems
A global nonsmooth stabilization scheme is presented for a class of nonlinear cascaded systems with uncontrollable linearization and it is proved that the stabilization of the driving subsystem implies the stabilize of the overall cascaded system. Expand
Simple homogeneous sliding-mode controller
This work proposes two new families of homogeneous HOSM controllers of a very simple form, one of which consists of quasi-continuous controllers, which can be done arbitrarily smooth everywhere outside of the HosM manifold. Expand
Stabilization of the attitude of a rigid spacecraft with external disturbances using finite-time control techniques
In this paper, we consider the attitude stabilization problem for a rigid spacecraft with external disturbances. To obtain a better disturbance rejection property, we employ finite-time controlExpand
Second-order sliding mode controller design subject to mismatched term
A novel second-order sliding mode (SOSM) control method to handle sliding mode dynamics with mismatched term, so as to reduce the terms in the control channel is proposed and the validity of the proposed approach is verified. Expand
Global Stabilization of a Class of Feedforward Systems with Lower-Order Nonlinearities
A domination approach is developed to design the stabilizer with a new structure, which is also integrated with the adding a power integrator and nested saturation methods, which enlarges the class of feedforward systems which are globally stabilizable. Expand
Second-Order Sliding Mode Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Bounded by Positive Functions
This paper considers the second-order sliding (2-sliding) mode control design problem for nonlinear systems with uncertainties bounded by positive functions, and proposes a discontinuous and a quasi-continuous algorithm. Expand
Fast convergent observer design for output feedback stabilisation of a planar vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
This paper explores the solution of using output feedback to stabilise a planar nonlinear model of a vertical take-off and landing (PVTOL) aircraft. We first construct a state feedback stabiliser byExpand