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Two strings x and y are said to be Abelian equivalent if x is a permutation of y, or vice versa. If a string z satisfies z = xy with x and y being Abelian equivalent, then z is said to be an Abelian square. If a string w can be factorized into a sequence v1,. .. , vs of strings such that v1,. .. , vs−1 are all Abelian equivalent and vs is a substring of a(More)
Kolpakov and Kucherov proposed a variant of the Lempel-Ziv factorization, called the reversed Lempel-Ziv (RLZ) factorization (Theoretical Computer Science, 410(51):5365–5373, 2009). In this paper, we present an on-line algorithm that computes the RLZ factorization of a given string w of length n in O(n log 2 n) time using O(n log σ) bits of space, where σ ≤(More)
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