Shiho Okuma

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An unusual isoenzyme pattern of serum alkaline phosphatase was found in a patient with skeletal abnormalities due to multiple epiphyseal dysplasia and it was demonstrated that the abnormal pattern was caused by complex formation between serum alkaline phosphatase and immunoglobulin G of the lambda class. Physicochemical studies of the patient's serum(More)
Guidelines for breast cancer patient follow-up have not been widely adopted in Japan. To assess our intensive follow-up program, we evaluated first relapse and its indicators in patients with breast cancer. Of 964 patients, 126 relapsed and 43 died in the median follow-up term of 45 months. Follow-ups were scheduled every 6–12 months for imaging and tumor(More)
A 77-year-old man with diabetes mellitus who was being treated as an outpatient had abnormal shadow in the right lower lobe on a chest roentgenogram in June 1993. In July 1994, a productive cough developed, and subsequent dyspnea obliged him to enter our hospital. Retention of pleural fluid led us to suspect tuberculosis pleurisy and to perform a pleural(More)
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