Shiho Kim

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An analog front-end circuit for 13.56MHz RFID interrogators compatible with ISO14443, ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 Mode 1 RFID interrogators was designed and fabricated by using 0.35μm double poly CMOS process. The fabricated chip was operated at 3.3 volt single supply. The results of this work can be provided as reusable IPs in a form of hard or firm IPs for(More)
Immersive VR, a technology getting attention in recent years, is widely applied to the realm of serious games because it can provide users with both fun and intriguing experiences. This poster proposes a self-training VR serious game for fire evacuation drill with concurrent tele-collaboration among avatars controlled by and synchronized with multiple-users(More)
A technique for matching both the eye convergence and accommodation in a fixed screen non-see through 3D VR HMD(3 Dimensional Virtual Reality Head mount Display) is presented. The user field test data show that significant improvement in dizziness problems as well as eye comfortability of users. The proposed method may provide a crew for resolution to solve(More)
We have proposed and implemented a hologram based tele-existence platform to provide user experience of emotional exchange among a group of participants in both real and virtual environments. The system provides not only immersive live scene to a user wearing VR HMD at a remote place, but also share and exchange emotional expressions with other users at(More)