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Two of the most agriculturally important cereal crop plants are wheat (Triticum aestivum) and rice (Oryza sativa). Rice has been shown to produce a number of diterpenoid natural products as phytoalexins and/or allelochemicals--specifically, labdane-related diterpenoids, whose biosynthesis proceeds via formation of an eponymous labdadienyl/copalyl(More)
In vitro assays using recombinant enzymes enabled three cDNAs encoding ent-copalyl diphosphate synthases to be identified in wheat (Triticum aestivum): TaCPS1, TaCPS2, and TaCPS3. The phylogenetic tree and expression analyses suggest that TaCPS3 is responsible for gibberellin biosynthesis, while TaCPS1 and TaCPS2 are possible functional homologs of(More)
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