Shihao Liu

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Traditional energy determination methods with shaper circuits are not suitable for high count rates applications, for which the analog-to-digital converters (ADC) with very high sampling rate are often used to digitize the pulse signal directly. The high sampling rate ADC brings the problems of high power consumption, high data bandwidth, and less stability(More)
Reservation berth is one of most important part of parking advance to make sure of their timely use of it. It cuts down the guidance. This paper studies a reservation strategy model of finite time of itineration for no berths found, and reduces the cost and berth. It develops reservation strategy of finite berth. Based on the the traffic tax. every aspect(More)
Images captured in low-light conditions usually suffer from very low contrast, which increases the difficulty of subsequent computer vision tasks in a great extent. In this paper, a low-light image enhancement model based on convolutional neural network and Retinex theory is proposed. Firstly, we show that multi-scale Retinex is equivalent to a feedforward(More)
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