Shihao Liu

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Recent breakthroughs in quantum dot light-emitting devices (QD-LEDs) show their promise in the development of next-generation displays. However, the QD-LED with conventional ITO-based bottom emission structure is difficult to realize the high aperture ratio, electricfield-independent emission and flexible full-color displays. Hence, we demonstrate(More)
Ag/Ge/Ag (AGA) is investigated as a transparent cathode for top-emitting organic light-emitting devices (TEOLEDs). TEOLEDs of different colors with excellent performances can be gained by simply adopting a corresponding emitting layer, without changing the thickness of the device and cathode. Especially, the blue and white TEOLEDs exhibit high efficiency as(More)
Ultrasonic spray coating process (USCP) with high material -utilization, low manufacture costs and compatibility to streamline production has been attractive in researches on photoelectric devices. However, surface tension exists in the solvent is still a huge obstacle to realize smooth organic film for organic light emitting devices (OLEDs) by USCP. Here,(More)
Reservation berth is one of most important part of parking advance to make sure of their timely use of it. It cuts down the guidance. This paper studies a reservation strategy model of finite time of itineration for no berths found, and reduces the cost and berth. It develops reservation strategy of finite berth. Based on the the traffic tax. every aspect(More)
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