Shihai Wang

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Semi-supervised learning concerns the problem of learning in the presence of labeled and unlabeled data. Several boosting algorithms have been extended to semi-supervised learning with various strategies. To our knowledge, however, none of them takes all three semi-supervised assumptions, i.e., smoothness, cluster, and manifold assumptions, together into(More)
traditional pattern classification, semi-supervised learning provides a novel technique to make use of both labeled and unlabeled data for improving the performance of classification. In general, there are two critical issues for semi-supervised learning of discriminative classifiers; i.e., how to create an initial classifier of a good generalization(More)
—Software faults could cause serious system errors and failures, leading to huge economic losses. But currently none of inspection and verification technique is able to find and eliminate all software faults. Software testing is an important way to inspect these faults and raise software reliability, but obviously it is a really expensive job. The(More)