Shih-Yu Sylvia Lee

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The purpose of this study was to describe the sleep patterns and fatigue of both mothers and fathers before and after childbirth. The authors used wrist actigraphy and questionnaires to estimate sleep and fatigue in 72 couples during their last month of pregnancy and 1st month postpartum. Both parents experienced more sleep disruption at night during the(More)
Sudden exposure of nonacclimatized individuals to high altitude can easily lead to high altitude illnesses. High altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) is the most lethal form of high altitude illness. The present study was designed to investigate the ability of Rhodiola crenulata extract (RCE), an herbal medicine traditionally used as an antiacute mountain(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore relationships between impaired sleep and well-being in mothers with low-birth-weight infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. DESIGN Cross-sectional descriptive exploratory design. SETTING Neonatal intensive care unit in metropolitan Atlanta, GA. PARTICIPANTS Twenty second-week postpartum, first-time mothers who had a(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe sleep and fatigue during the first week of postpartum recovery, and compare women after cesarean delivery with women after vaginal delivery while their infants were hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU). METHODS This cross-sectional descriptive exploratory study involved 21 postpartum Chinese(More)
Exposure to hypoxia leads to impaired pulmonary sodium transport, which is associated with Na,K-ATPase dysfunction in the alveolar epithelium. The present study is designed to examine the effect and mechanism of Rhodiola crenulata extract (RCE) and its bioactive components on hypoxia-mediated Na,K-ATPase endocytosis. A549 cells were exposed to hypoxia in(More)
The purpose of this cross-sectional descriptive study was to assess the reliability and validity of the English and Chinese versions of the General Sleep Disturbance Scale (GSDS) among Chinese American parents with hospitalized infants. A convenience sample of 22 mothers and 22 fathers in the San Francisco area participated in this study. Cronbach alpha(More)
This U.S.A.-based study examined the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of sleep, as well as the role of sleep, in the association of stress with depression, fatigue, and health-related quality of life (H-QOL) among mothers with a low-birth-weight, preterm infant in the neonatal intensive care unit at early postpartum. Fifty-five first-time(More)
PURPOSE To systematically examine the effect of virtual reality (VR) on upper extremity (UE) function in children with cerebral palsy (CP) and assess the association among VR effects and children's characteristics and an intervention protocol. METHOD A systematic literature search was conducted in PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane, and PsycINFO up to June 2013.(More)
PURPOSE To explore the experiences of first-generation Chinese American parents while their infants are cared for in intensive care units (ICUs). DESIGN Because the study focus was on understanding the experiences of parents, a phenomenological approach was used, with open-ended questions that encouraged participants to describe events they perceived to(More)
Circadian rhythms influence sleep and wakefulness. Circadian activity rhythms (CAR) are altered in individuals with dementia or seasonal affective disorder. To date, studies exploring CAR and sleep in postpartum women are rare. The purpose of this report is to describe relationships between CAR, sleep disturbance, and fatigue among 72 first-time mothers(More)