Shih-Yu Chang

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The transport of axonal microtubules in growing neurites has been a controversial issue because of clear but conflicting results obtained with fluorescence-marking techniques. We have attempted to resolve the discordance via analysis of the relationship between apparent microtubule translocation and cell adhesion. Neuronal cultures were prepared from(More)
Assembly of microtubules is fundamental to neuronal morphogenesis. Microtubules typically form crosslinked bundles in nerve processes, precluding resolution of single microtubules at the light microscopic level. Therefore, previous studies of microtubule transport in neurites have had to rely on indirect approaches. Here we show that individual microtubules(More)
Neurotransmitter secretion from the nerve terminal is mediated by the fusion of synaptic vesicles with the plasma membrane. It is generally believed that neurotransmitter release in mature synapses is localized to the presynaptic nerve terminals. To probe the topology of neurotransmitter secretion along developing axons in culture, we recorded membrane(More)
In addition to well established trophic functions, neurotrophins acutely affect neurotransmitter secretion from the presynaptic nerve terminal, influence synaptic development, and may serve as selective retrograde messengers that regulate synaptic efficacy. The crucial question related to the mechanisms of neurotrophin-mediated signaling is whether acute(More)
ERK5 MAP kinase is highly expressed in the developing nervous system and has been implicated in promoting the survival of immature neurons in culture. However, its role in the development and function of the mammalian nervous system has not been established in vivo. Here, we report that conditional deletion of the erk5 gene in mouse neural stem cells during(More)
Fibroblasts in cell culture were loaded with exogenous neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh). ACh secretion from loaded cells was detected by whole-cell patch clamp recordings from Xenopus myocytes manipulated into contact with ACh-loaded cells. Two different approaches were used for ACh loading. In the first approach, fibroblasts were incubated in the(More)
Antagonizing the action of the pregnane X receptor (PXR) may have important clinical implications for preventing inducer–drug interactions and improving therapeutic efficacy. We identified a widely distributed isothiocyanate, allyl isothiocyanate (AITC), which acts as an effective antagonist of the nuclear receptor pregnane X receptor (PXR, NR1I2) and(More)
BACKGROUND Organophosphorus pesticides are widely used throughout the world. Because of their ease of availability, organophosphorus compounds are commonly used for self-poisoning in developing countries. The acute effects of exposure to organophosphorus pesticides are well known, but the chronic effects are unclear. Recent studies suggest that(More)
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