Shih Yin Ooi

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Image-based handwritten signature verification is important in most of the financial transactions when a hard copy of signature is needed. Considering the lack of dynamic information from static signature images, we proposed a working framework through hybrid methods of discrete Radon transform (DRT), principal component analysis (PCA) and probabilistic(More)
Video and voice transmission over wireless broadband has become popular and attracted more attention ever since. More and more hand phone owners use their phones to play video and voice over the Internet. Transmitting video and voice in a good quality over the wireless networks is a challenge to service providers. LTE, also known as one of the beyond 3G(More)
Semi-supervised learning approach is a fusion approach of supervised and unsupervised learning. Semi-supervised approach performs data learning from a limited number of available labelled training images along with a large pool of unlabelled data. Semi-supervised discriminant analysis (SDA) is one of the popular semi-supervised techniques. However, there is(More)
This paper presents a review of some online/dynamic and offline/static signature verification system that have been proposed from year 2000 to 2010. There are numerous signature verification systems algorithms and methods been proposed in the last decade. This paper will mainly focus on discussing the signature verification techniques from year 2000 onwards(More)
The Internet has always been growing with all the contents and information added by different types of users. Without proper storage and indexing, these contents can easily be lost in the sea of information housed by the Internet. Hence, an automated program, known as the web crawler is used to index all the contents added to the Internet. With proper(More)